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Meet the Leaders

Young Life Leaders:


Bethany Hutson

Onalaska Community Youth Director



Everyone needs to come to know and experience the awesome and powerful love of Jesus Christ.  It is an honor to be part of such a dedicated group of individuals, who share in their passion for demonstrating the love of Christ to young people.  I have been in this position since September of 2009.  When I was asked to apply for this position, I said no on three different occasions.  I'm so glad that God changed my heart; His plan really is better than ours.  Who'd have thought? 


When I'm not hanging out with kids, you can find me hanging out with my husband (Nathan), doing homework (going back to school to become a high school math teacher), working on the old family farm (hubby's family farm), or playing with the world's most adorable little boy, my nephew Noah.  Okay, it's more like I play with my nephew while my husband works on the farm...



Matt Cardoza


Husband/Dad/Tech Guy at PCLI


I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two amazing young girls. Though they are young I really wanted to get involved with the community and not just activities for my girls but activities for the whole community. After being involved for several months now, thinking I could help influence others I have found that it is I being affected. In trying to help spread God to others, it is others that have asked questions and brought up things that have helped my relationship with God get stronger. It is amazing no matter the situation God can show his strength and love in any situation.
Abigail (almost 3) and Evelyn (just turned 1) keep Julie and myself running circles but are amazing blessings. When not working with youth we are usually with our kids and our families either enjoying a bar-b-que or just hanging out enjoying life.


Emily Simons

Leader/Music Extraordinette

(see bio below)


TJ Williams

Leader/Music Extraordinaire 

Single/Mt Dew Drinker/Guitar Player/Chilli Eater


TJ failed to write his bio by the due date, and as punishment, we let the middle school students write it.  The validity of this bio has yet to be confirmed; believe at your own risk.


TJ's true love is Mt Dew, but that's only because a nice young girl has yet to woo his heart.  Line up ladies, for this man of manliness is single!  His scruff is like sandpaper.  His hair is like sandpaper.  But his skin is smooth as a puppy's belly.  His eyes are blue like the gasiest clouds of Neptune.  He plays guitar, and always flushes after he pees.  His specialty that demonstrates his extreme uniquness, is that he never ceases to serenade you while you pee (yeah, we actually aren't making that part up); he actually is the ballad of the bathroom.  Once again ladies, he IS single. A word of caution - he might just blow you off your feet.  And we mean that literally, after he has eaten a bowl of chilli.  Like we said, he is single. 


Wyld Life Leaders:


Emily Simons

Head Leader


Disclaimer:  Emily Simons did not write her bio; as punishment, Bethany and Greg let the middle schoolers write it for her.  The validity of this bio cannot be confirmed by anyone.  But it is quite humerous.


Emily is single.  Available.  Attractive.  Does not have a boyfriend.  She is looking for a handsome strapping young male.  Emily is  young and athletic.  She thinks she is a cow, but other than that she is brilliant.  She can do the worm (dance move) like nobody's business.  She wears two pairs of socks at the same time, and her shoes rarely match.  She likes sporting the flip-flop and a croc, she is probably the only one that can pull it off.  Did we mention she is single?  Emily's life motto is "Don't cry over dead pigs in striped pajamas."  Schedule your date with her today!


Greg Foss


I am involved in Young Life for the middle school because every kid needs the love of Jesus in their life. I am a student at the The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology to be a a Pastor, and I work on a farm to make money. I became a Christian when I was fifteen years old, and still learning how to be a one. I volunteer at WSU for seven official years in college ministry.


I believe Jesus came to save the world and did this by his ressurection power. He is our hope for a redeemed future and a world of possiblites. Jesus opens our mind to the ever unfolding truth and love of God, transforming us into his new creation. Jesus asks us not to keep little children from him. Jesus loves children and has a plan for every one of them that has Kingdom of Heaven impact.



Bethany Hutson


(see bio above)

Where To Find Us:

Onalaska Community Youth Center

231 Central Avenue 
Onalaska, WA 98570



Email: onalaskayounglife@yahoo.com

Young Life

Monday's @ 6:30-8:30pm

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