Onalaska Youth
Onalaska Youth
Onalaska Youth
Onalaska Youth

Who are we?


Just a group of people, who love Jesus, and want kids to know about how much Jesus loves them.  Our mission statement is that "all adolescents might come to know and follow Christ." 


What do we do?


We hang out with kids, we have events with crazy games (taste the melted candy bar in the daiper!), we sing awesome music (I Won't Give Up, by Jason Mraz, anyone?), we eat good food (sharing meals together is probably one of our favorite things to do), and we tell kids about Jesus, and how much He loves them.  Jesus wasn't always conventional in His ways...neither are we.


Why do we do what we do?


We do crazy things, to show kids how crazy God's love for them is.  We strive to show the love of Christ in everything we do.  


Why should you care?


Research is showing that for every child to make it successfully into adulthood, they need to have 5 stable adults actively involved in their life.  Most kids are lucky if they have one.  We need adults to invest in kids - how else can we expect them to become well rounded, respectful individuals?  More importantly, how can we expect them to be loved, if we aren't showing them that they are loved?

Where To Find Us:

Onalaska Community Youth Center

231 Central Avenue 
Onalaska, WA 98570



Email: onalaskayounglife@yahoo.com

Young Life

Monday's @ 6:30-8:30pm

Connect With Us!

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How to donate

All of our funds are run through New Beginnings Community Church


Checks can be made out to:

New Beginnings Community Church


All funds can be mailed to:

New Beginnings Community Church

PO Box 477

Salkum, WA 98582

Interested in becoming a monthly donor?  Our program is primarily funded through individuals who donate on a monthly basis.  We do not have an automatic withdrawl program set up, however most banks can do Automatic Bill Pay, were you can set it up so they will automatically send us a check every month, so it is quick and easy for you.  Donations can also be mailed to the address above. 

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