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Welcome to the Onalaska Community Youth Program

This is where we put all the random information about awesome things that are happening. 


Onalaska Community Youth Program Fundraiser-Banquet


Perspective - Things aren't always what they seem


This is an event you won't want to miss!  Dinner, live entertainment, and kids sharing about what Christ has been doing in their lives.


Free admission, donations accepted at the end of the night.  Please attend even if you are not in a place where you feel you can give financially.  We want you to come so you can know what God is doing in your community. 


Friday, November 22nd at 6:30pm

New Beginnings Community Church

181 Fuller Rd, Salkum WA


Please RSVP to onalaskayounglife@yahoo.com with the names of persons attending, or join our event on facebook by clicking here

We weren't sure what we should put here, so we asked the kids what they thought should go here!

We asked a group of students, what they would want people to know about Young Life and the youth in Onalaska.  Here is what they said:


"We can amount to something.  When we get our minds to it, we can get it done." - Tristen


"Young Life is a safe environment, its a great way to make new friends." - Katie


"I don't know." - Ryanne


"Does it have to be appropriate?  Um, it's a great environment for kids to hang out and for people to learn aobut God."


We then asked the kids to describe themselves in 4 words:


"Awkward, weird, cat lover." - Katie


"Awesome, game lover, entertaining."


Infamous Doughnut run of 2013

Where To Find Us:

Onalaska Community Youth Center

231 Central Avenue 
Onalaska, WA 98570



Email: onalaskayounglife@yahoo.com

Young Life

Monday's @ 6:30-8:30pm

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How to donate

All of our funds are run through New Beginnings Community Church


Checks can be made out to:

New Beginnings Community Church


All funds can be mailed to:

New Beginnings Community Church

PO Box 477

Salkum, WA 98582

Interested in becoming a monthly donor?  Our program is primarily funded through individuals who donate on a monthly basis.  We do not have an automatic withdrawl program set up, however most banks can do Automatic Bill Pay, were you can set it up so they will automatically send us a check every month, so it is quick and easy for you.  Donations can also be mailed to the address above. 

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